The outcome of an authentic Montessori education is a self-confident, life-long learner. Montessori graduates have the skills to work, collaborate, think critically, problem solve and adapt.

Montessori in Redlands students graduate with strong academic skills. They are strong communicators, fluent readers, and eloquent writers. They have a strong foundation in math, including arithmetic, geometry and algebra. They are experienced scientific researchers, with hands-on laboratory skills.

MIR graduates are well-prepared for middle school and beyond. The goal of a Montessori education is help students learn how to learn. In an age where information becomes obsolete quickly, the focus of education must shift from facts to process.

Academic learning intertwined with personal growth and community building turns out prepared citizens of the world.Visit the NAMTA website for a study entitled Optimal Developmental Outcomes--The Social, Moral, Cognitive, and Emotional Dimension of a Montessori Education.For additional research into Montessori educational methods, visit NAMTA's Montessori Research Web site.

MIR Class of 2016

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