The Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) at MIR are defined within the context of the Montessori Curriculum, as directed by Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). It forms the basis of the educational program for every student at MIR. The overall purpose of the MIR program is to build independent, self-motivated learners.

Sensorial: MIR students will have the ability to use their senses to understand their abstract and concrete experiences in the world around them.

Practical Life: MIR students will have the ability and the desire to care for themselves, others, and their environments.

Language: MIR Students will be competent in expressing themselves in written and spoken language and competent in their understanding of the written and spoken words of others.

Mathematics: MIR students will be skillful in abstraction and reasoning. They will be able to use deductive and inductive methods to solve symbolic and practical problems.

Science: Students will have a conscious awareness and understanding of the natural world and its order. They will have the ability to recognize and use the basic methods of scientific inquiry.

Cultural Subjects: MIR students will create a foundation for the appreciation of the humanities and the arts. They will have a sense of historical perspective, an understanding of one’s place in the world, and gratitude for the accomplishments of those who came before them.

Moral and Character Development: Students at MIR will possess a strong sense of self. They will be capable, responsible, and accountable to themselves and others.

These SLOs form the basis of the educational program for every student at MIR.

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