MIR provides students the following co-curricular activities:

Music and the Arts Music and art are integrated daily in a variety of ways in every class, with dedicated materials for music instruction. All students receive music instruction. All studentsparticipate in the annual Holiday Sing, a musical performance held at the University of Redlands just before the winter holidays. MIR also makes space available for piano and violin lessons provided by an independent teacher. The school is equipped with several pianos.

Elementary students engage in the dramatic arts (plays and musicals) as a standard part of the Elementary program and have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular dance and choir.

Languages MIR provides formal Spanish instruction at the Elementary level and informal instruction at all levels. THe Spanish program is focused on 1) Communication, including listening, spaking, reading, writing, art, poetry, and music; 2) cultural literacy of Spanish speaking peoples; 3) incorporating language and culture into the learning process; and 4) building world community.

Computer Instruction Once the child has mastered basic skills, usually around third grade, computers are introduced as a valuable tool for work and research. All Elementary classrooms are equipped with Chromebooks for the students. Students with specific learning challenges use computers at an earlier age when it is determined necessary to support their learning. Computer use guidelines are in place and use is carefully monitored.

YogaPhysical Education and Sports The type and duration of physical education is determined on a program-by-program basis. Students of all ages receive some form of physical education daily and one yoga class per week. Our PE program includes sports skills; health and nutrition; and cooperative, team-building games. In addition to its soccer field, basketball court, and running track, the school has a labyrinth to provide a space for peaceful reflection. As with other schools, playgrounds are separated for the different age groups and provide equipment to support the appropriate level of physical development for each group.

Yoga Instruction is offered weekly to all students. Students engage in movement, balance, stretching, and breathing activities that teach body control, discipline, and calming techniques.

Running Club Led by Primary teacher Jean Bonner-Drinkwine and Elementary teacher Emily Fitzgerald, the running club meets every Friday morning at 7:30 a.m. Children ages 6 and older are welcome to join, as are their parents. (Children dropped off for Running Club are not charged for childcare.) The Running Club participates in the Run through Redlands and the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational each year.

Elementary Bike Club Led by Ellen Camarillo, children ages 6 and older improve their riding skills and learn road safety and bike maintenance. (Children dropped off for Bike Club are not charged for childcare.)

Cooking Nutrition Education and Cooking Students are taught about nutrition in PE and in class on a regular basis. Each class has access to a kitchen for food preparation instruction.

Gardening All classes have plants and outside gardens and students are involved in plant care. Many students are taught to cook with the harvests from their garden. In addition, the school has an all-school garden that all classes take turns in maintaining.

Practical Life Training Each class has a specially prepared environment that allows for the children to practice life skills appropriate to their developmental stage. These skills range from tying shoes and buttoning shirts to ironing, cleaning, cooking, and many more practical skills all children need on their journey to independence.

Animal Care All classes have animals and students are involved in their daily care, including feeding, providing water, and cleaning them and their living environments.

Classroom Care All classes have lessons on the proper care of the classroom. Respect for Montessori materials and the classroom environment are an integral part of the Montessori curriculum.

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